Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Me & The Taj

Because my momma wanted a picture with me in it, I post the obligatory stand awkwardly in front of the Taj Mahal shot.  :)


Anonymous said...

I am out in western Cameroon visiting my post this week. I am very far away from a lot of modern amenities, like running water and reliable electricity and phone service. However I did visit my house that is lack a kitchen, bathroom and any sort of security. I also went and visited the microcredit union where Ill be working. My boss sneeks out every couple of hours to drink and always smells like booze. My job will be to computerize thier books which is basically data entry. Im getting out of that duty.

Be happy with your $13 a night hotel and intermittent wireless internet. Its a dream here.

Good luck my friend,

Ben Doerr
Peace Corps Volunteer
Serving Cameroun

Sairen said...

So pretty!!!