Friday, July 4, 2008

Photos and Food

Its Friday again and I'm heading to Agra this weekend (i.e. the city in which the Taj Mahal resides).  Then on Monday, I'm flying South to Bangalore.  

I've been working all week with meetings scheduled every day with this official or that researcher.  And in between, I read.  Eventually, I'll tell you all about it.  Perhaps I'll just post my whole thesis.  It'll be a page turner, I'm sure.

The other thing I do in Delhi is eat.  To call it eating is really to completely bastardize the activity that actually takes place.  Amazing substances revel and frolic on my taste buds and in my stomach.  :)  Last night, Steph and I stumbled upon a crepes restaurant.  It was the alternative to Chinese, so we decided to check it out.  I cannot tell you the absurd amounts of pleasure that came about from that meal.  It is beyond words.  We've had at least three other blow your mind restaurant-going experiences.  North Indian, South Indian, and a Western-Indian fusion.   The few times I've risked my health for the street food, I have been heartily rewarded by amazing little fried puffs filled with various yummy sweet and spicy sauces.  And even food that is just regular Indian food, is really really tasty.  

I posted my photos on facebook, but if you are not facebook savy, just click the link below:

Oh, and Happy Independence Day!  Eat a big juicy steak for me and enjoy the explosives (carefully)!

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